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Hi, I am Lisa, born originaly in Thailand.
I sell natural products in my country and outside.

Welcome to Thailand Healthy Life

You will find information about my products from Thailand and other products from the rest in Asia.
Part of my website is in English and Thai language. If you live in Thailand you can call me Mobile: 0928406680 or contact me with the "App Line".

Also I have Facebook fanpages where you can reach me on FB messenger. Don't worry, I speak English too :-). And I respond very quickly, depending of course on the time difference with your country.

I sell high quality Collagen, Grape seed Extract, Royal Jelly, Coconut Oil capsules and a special combination of collagen with vitamins. You also can order special Thai toothpaste and Coconut oil in bottles for much cheaper prices then in your own country in general. And of course I use most of the products myself.

If I find a new product I can let you know if you subscribe to my email list. 

Cannot find what you are looking for? Contact me here. I will response very quickly.

Natural Products from Thailand ภาษาไทย - Thai language

Natural Products from Thailand English language

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